The Epic: Adjustable Weaving Loom Pre-Order

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Pre- Order

You gawk at her as you wander the racks of Anthropologie.  The stunning colossal tapestry handcrafted by a local artist. You daydream about standing back and admiring your own work one day.  Today is the day. This is by far our most exciting launch. Dad and I have refined this concept for over a year and it’s finally ready!

This GIANT fully adjustable loom for all you weavers who are wanting to weave rugs, huge statement pieces and just anything your heart desires. 

Similar to the other looms in the Roving family, dad designed this one with the same adjustable concept - only supersized. The Epic can be used at her full height of just over 6’, or her smallest, just over 4’ and anything in between. The legs can be set up so that your loom is on the floor, in between, or at their max height, taking your loom 19.5” off the ground. The width can be halved into 3’.

Total height with max loom and leg height: 7’7”. Total weaving space is 6’ x 6’.

3 epi.

Made in Canada with soft maple from our local mill. Dad will handcraft this epic loom just for you. Turnaround time for any Pre-Orders is currently 3-4 weeks.

Today is the day you up your weave game and embody the true nature of your inner artist.