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 With the goal of connectivity and mindfulness, my Dad and I have come together to share our common love of creating with our hands.

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Limited Edition Hello Stella Yarns Kits

We've teamed up with one of our favourite yarn dyers and created these Beginner Weaving Kits. 3 colour ways and only 1 of each left!


When I started weaving, it was clear from the start that I would eventually treat myself to a Roving Textiles loom. When the time came to order one, after eyeing them for weeks, I was not disappointed. I own 2 Roving Textiles looms and have another on the way!

Anne-France @wovven

Roving Textiles offers wonderful handmade looms that are worth investing in. Michelle is a weaver herself and knows exactly what you'd want in a loom. They are easy to build, weave with, take down and pack away and with so many adjustments i't like buying many looms in one. Her tools and supplies offer are top notch and I can't say enough good things about them.

Elsie Goodwin @reformfibres

I am absolutely loving this loom. It arrived with the speed of Superman. Easy to assemble and the weaving workshop is a breeze to follow. My regret is I should have bought a larger size :), that's the next thing I'll have to purchase.

JJ Johnson