Ace: 30” Large Adjustable Weaving Loom *BESTSELLER

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Supersize your weaving with this Large Weaving Loom.  This best selling loom is all aces for tapestry making!

Ace’s 5 adjustment notches can be used right side up or upside down. This gives you 6 weaving options in both directions (12 total). Ace’s simple assembly makes for easy storage and travel. Each notch has a smooth edge and groove for easy and secure warping. Each side easily clicks in and out to keep your creation straight in the finishing process. 

All our looms & tools are designed by me and individually handcrafted from natural maple by my dad Paul. The removable legs raise the frame to encourage upright posture (and save your precious neck!) Simply remove them if you prefer to work on a flat surface. Bonus: legs can also be attached backwards to help weave in all those ends!  This loom packs a punch to make sure you ‘ace’ your next project!

The total loom size is 30” x 30”.

Weaving space is 25.5" x 25.5". 3epi

Canadian made.

*Due to their handcrafted nature, the unique maple grain varies from piece to piece.  Note: does not include scissors or warp thread☺

The loom is available as a single purchase or bundled with any of our weaving tools: the shuttle, shed stick, comb & heddle.

Tool Add Ons:

Comb: 8cm x 8cm

Shed Stick: 30"

Shuttle: 18"

To purchase warp thread to go with your project click here.

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