Heirloom Yarn

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This yarn takes us back to our roots. I’m thrilled to have finally collaborated with one of Canada’s original woolen mills to produce this natural 100% Canadian made yarn.  

New Brunswick is home to one of the few remaining woolen mills in North America. The quality of this yarn is a testament to the refreshingly old-school, slow approach to it’s production. In an industry where mainstream yarn can be heavy on synthetics and produced by large high-tech manufacturers, this is beautifully crafted, small batch, artisanal yarn. 1

Heirloom has an earthiness that you’ll come to love! It’s grainy and robust texture will add a heritage feel to your creations. 

100% Regionally Sourced, 25 Micron, Woolen Spun

100% Canadian Wool
160m / 113g;
180yds / 4oz
Suggested needle size & gauge:
US 4.5 16st/4"




  1. Barrett, H. (2020, February 14) 'Made to last': More than 100 years old, Canadian wool company thrives in changing knitting market.